Daily Archives: August 31, 2019

For your information as advised by the Parish Council

The Flood watch group have arranged for a drone survey to take place in Brailes therefore drones may be seen overhead on 4th – 6th September 2019.

From WCC.
With regards to the drone survey, we will be flying areas 2 and 3 first and looking to meet up and start at about 9:30 in Orchard Close.  As ever all are welcome to come down have a chat and see what the drone can do

Flying areas  No 2 and 3 will cover Sutton Brook from the top of the Floodplain field, (99 steps field), down over Brailes House grounds to the main Road, so minimum flying over houses.

If any enquiries please contact the Parish Clerk brailesparishclerk@outlook.com