Sunday Services


Services at Brailes, except where indicated.

Holy Communion is celebrated at 9.30am on Wednesdays at St George’s

Morning Prayer will be said at 8.30am in one of the five churches of the South Feldon Group each day: Monday – Oxhill; Tuesday – Sutton;
Wednesday – Brailes; Thursday – Whatcote; Saturday – Tysoe.

Services this month are conducted by:
Revd George Heighton (GH), Canon Jill Tucker (JT)
Canon George Warner (GW) and the Worship Team at Sutton.

Friday 2nd: All Souls’ Day
  9.30am Holy Communion (GW)

Sunday 4th: All Saints’ Sunday
  8.30am  Holy Communion (GH)
11.00am  Family Service (GH)
  6.30pm  ‘In Loving Memory’ at Sutton (JT)

Sunday 11th: Remembrance Sunday
  8.30am Holy Communion (GH)
10.50am  Remembrance Service (War Memorial) (GW)
3.30pm  Remembrance Service at Sutton (War Memorial) (GW)

Sunday 18th: Second Sunday before Advent
  8.30am  Holy Communion (GW)
  9.30am  Family Service at Sutton (Worship Team)
11.00am  Matins (GW)
6.30pm  Evensong at Whatcote (JT)

Sunday 25th: Christ the King
   9.30am Holy Communion at Sutton (JT)
11.00am  Parish Communion (JT)
6.30pm  Evensong (GH)