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Welcome to the Brailes Community Website.

Brailes Village

“Brailes” is made up of Lower and Upper Brailes, located on the Warwickshire / Oxfordshire border, 3 miles east of Shipston on Stour.

This updated website for Brailes and the surrounding community was initially aunched on June 21, 2008. This website belongs to the community. We hope you find it useful, informative and fun. Please bookmark this page and come back often to visit and to contribute your own information, stories and/or discussions.

Should this be your first time visiting the site, we hope you will be pleasantly surprised at what is and what will be available for folks in and around the village (including close by villages), visitors to the village and possible new-comers wishing to live in this village community.

BrailesVillage.co.uk strives to bring together all that is available in and around our community by creating awareness of what really is just around the corner.

The aim of this website is to:
• Join together all the trades, crafts, services, functions, and clubs that this village and surrounding villageshave to offer.
• Notify of any forthcoming events of interest to the community.
• Publicise past and present achievements of our villages, no matter how small or grand the achievement, and no matter how young or old the achiever.
• Discuss ideas and topics of relevance to the community.

To support these objectives, we welcome information or links from any individual, group or committee.


BrailesVillage.co.uk is a growing site and is being updated regularly. From the pages and tabs already set out, you will have an idea of what we are striving to achieve and the content still to come.

This website is being developed by village people, for village people. It is a not-for-profit initiative and is being worked on in the spare time of several interested members of our community collectively and updated daily.

There is no single administrator, instead the site is run by a small committee who help create this much needed community website. If you have any ideas for the website or you would like to contribute more actively to the ongoing development and maintenance of this site, please email info@brailesvillage.co.uk

BrailesVillage.co.uk observes the following key guidlines in relation to a code of conduct:

  • Personal information will not be published without the persons consent unless they have published the information in the public domain.
  • All submitted material is checked that it is not scurrilous, libellous or otherwise unacceptable to the public.
  • BrailesVillage.co.uk reserves the right to refuse any material on that basis.
  • Copyright permission is sought where appropriate.
  • BrailesVillage.co.uk is not currently registered under the Data Protection Act, but we follow their guidelines implicitly. Every reasonable attempt is made by the editors to ensure that material placed on the site is accurate and up to date and reviewed annually. Please see our official Terms of Use, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy which we are obliged to display for legal reasons.

Thanks for visiting the site today, and we hope to see you back soon!