5. New Opportunities

In 1987, the total income of the Foundation was about £2400, about half of which was spent on repairs and maintenance. The scheme of 1938 was still reasonably effective. However, two properties were becoming vacant, and after consultation with the Charity Commissioners, the trustees decided unanimously to sell these and invest the capital of about £150,000. The trustees also asked the Commissioners to revise the 1938 Scheme in the light of increased income and in accordance with the original endowments of 1620.

After two years of research and correspondence, the revised scheme (see appendix) was finally sealed on July 18th 1990, and this now governs the management of the “Brailes Free School Charity”.

Over the last few years, the now substantial income has enabled the trustees to maintain their properties and provide the annual grants for the Parish Church of St.George.

Individual grants have been made to those going onto further education and apprenticeships. Confidential support for those with particular educational needs or talents has been provided, as well as useful grants for the play area and children’s groups. £7,000 was granted to the new Pre-School in 2003, and over the years, more than £40,000 has been given to Brailes Primary School for computers, equipment and various projects.

In 1997 the Foundation had conveyed to it by a scheme of the Charity Commissioners the Old School and School House Fund. After the Pre-School moved to the Primary School site, The Old School itself was sold in 2008 and the proceeds invested as capital. In 2002, the Charity Commissioners transferred the Brailes Institute (Held by the Vicar and Churchwardens) to the Foundation, in order to ensure its long term future. Currently the Institute is let as a workshop.

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