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Brailes Neighbourhood Plan

Saturday 13th October  – Open Meeting at Brailes Pavilion

Morning meeting from 10.00am
Afternoon meeting from 2.00pm

Following the completion and production of the Brailes and Winderton Parish Action Plan 2012, the Village through the Parish

Council are now looking to take the next step. The production of a Neighbourhood Plan. This plan will look at the “ Vision” of

Brailes for it’s future development and belongs to the residents of the village.

The objectives of these open meetings are:
– to explain the process and provide some background information on what a Neighbourhood Plan.
– to seek to generate discussion and ideas on how this process can be achieved.
– to ascertain whether it is something we should be undertaking.
– to recruit volunteers who are willing to join a Neighbourhood Forum, everyone’s help and input will be needed to make this work.

Come along and find out a little more

If you feel you want a be a part of the “Vision”, this is an ideal opportunity to express your opinions.
The District Council are currently in the final stages of completing a “Local Plan” which primarily identifies where future

development should take place to meet local needs for homes, businesses, shops and other services, plus the infrastructure to

support them. It also decides which areas should be protected from development because they are important to local people or have environmental or heritage qualities that should be conserved. The Plan will form a Legal Document that will have been approved by Stratford District Council, an independent authority, and a village referendum.
What the Neighbourhood Plan can and cannot do:

The plan can:
– decide where and what type of development should happen in the neighbourhood
– promote more development than is set out in the Local Plan
– include policies, for example regarding design standards, that take precedence over existing policies in the Local Plan for the neighbourhood – provided the Neighbourhood Plan policies do not conflict with the strategic policies in the Local Plan.

The plan cannot:
– conflict with the strategic policies in the Local Plan prepared by the local planning authority.
– be used to prevent development that is included in the Local Plan.
– be prepared by a body other than a parish or town council or a neighbourhood forum.
A Neighbourhood Plan that complies with the above principles can be as narrow or as broad as you wish but it must be primarily about the use and development of land and buildings.

Typical things that might be included:
– the development of housing, including affordable housing and bringing vacant or derelict housing back into use.
– provision for businesses to set up or expand their premises
– transport and access (including issues around roads, cycling, walking and access for disabled people).
– development of schools, places of worship, health facilities, leisure and entertainment facilities, community and youth centres and village halls.
– the restriction of certain types of development and change of use, for example to avoid too much of one type of use.
– designs of buildings.
– protection and creation of open spaces, nature reserves, allotments, sports pitches, play areas, parks and garden, and the planting of trees.
– protection of important buildings and historic assets such as archaeological – promotion of renewable energyprojects, such as solar energy and wind turbines.remains
If you would like any further information, you can speak with any of the following people:

Duncan Bailey 01608685471
Mark Barnes 01608685382
Peter Jordan 01608685707