Brailes Oil Syndicate

A no fee – non-profit – community project, in association with

Brailes Oil Buying Syndicate has been operational for 4 years now and last winter succeeded in saving it\’s financially savvy members in excess of £17000! Average savings are in the region of 5-6p per litre …surely a saving worth making?

How does it work then? Easy Simply send email to David Fenton and once you’re on the members list you can contact us to place your first order. Over the winter months (October through March) we will be ordering on a monthly basis, so if you’re getting low on oil there’s never long to go until the next order, but remember there is no commitment to order – if you don’t need a delivery, no problem, just let us know when you do. [Note: All orders must be received by the last day of each month and minimum order is set at 600 litres by the oil suppliers] Once all the orders are in we will phone around fuel suppliers to negotiate the best price and place the order. We will forward the supplier with your contact and delivery information at which point you must contact them for payment and confirm a delivery date. Please note: The Syndicate do not take or store any payment details from members – it is your responsibility to pay the chosen fuel supplier.

There is no fee to join – it’s free – we don’t take or make any money from this venture. We at are simply trying to get our community to work together effectively, plus with the added bonus of reducing the environmental impact of individual tanker deliveries.

Our current members list totals over 200, but all residents in the village are welcome (Winderton & Sutton too!) Don’t forget to check the website for updates

Dave Fenton Hill Gates House, Hill Lane, Upper Brailes