7. Bibliography & Appendix


Report Concerning Charities 18.  Charity Commission (1827)
Brailes Schools. Fred Gander  (1979)
Minutes of the Foundation (1863) and other records.


Summary of the 1990 Scheme

The Vicar of Brailes
Two appointed by the Vicar and Churchwardens
One appointed by Warwickshire County Council
One appointed by Brailes Parish Council
One co-optative trustee

The Free School and Institute
For Church of England, educational and philanthropic use

First call on income
Maintenance of property and expenses of management

Use of net income
Between 40 and 50% for St.George’s for “maintenance and repair of the Church, and maintenance of services”

The balance for the “promotion of education”
Grants to Brailes C.E. Primary School
Grants to those under 25 in need of financial assistance for education and vocational training.
General benefits related to social welfare of youngsters in the parish.

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