Agenda March27th2017

There is a planning meeting on sat 17th Dec at Feldon Valley Golf Club.  Please see the planning page for the agenda

The next PC meeting is on 12th Dec at 7.30 in the Village Hall

Agenda Dec12th2016

There is a planning meeting on sat 12th Nov.   Agenda is below

planningagenda12th-nov-16-land-rear-old-bakery – this is at 9.45am

There is a meeting to discuss the NDP next tuesday, the 15th Nov.  Agenda is below




Agenda Sept 5th2016

Agenda July 25th2016

Agenda June 27th2016

PlanningAgenda16th June16 1 Feldon Centre

Agenda May 31st 2016 Annual Meeting of Parish Councillors (Autosaved)

Brass Band concert letter from Maggie Goren Gary Bonsor letter to BCP re Bettys Field Tony Gary Bonsor letter to BPC Agenda April 25th2016

PlanningAgenda16thApril16 Land off the Old Bakery

Agenda April 4thth2016 Brailes Poster Gary Bonsor, flooding Lynette Kay – thanks to Ken Taylor Maggie Goren – band View of field next Atterns Byre Follds 9th March 2016Mark Moore – changes to Ea flood mapsAlison Binns – floodingLetter from Cllr Kaack 10th Mar 2016

PlanningAgenda12thMarch16 LynesCorner

Agenda Feb29th2016

Agenda Jan25th2016

Agenda Jan4th2016

There is a planning meeting on sat 28th Nov at 10am at Winderton Farm.

PlanningPC24th Nov15 Winderton Farm

Agenda Oct, Nov2nd15

This is notice of a Brailes PC meeting 10am Sat 24th October to discuss responses to amendments to the outline permissions for Atten’s Byre and Sutton Lane as well as a further amendment to the pending application for Betty’s Field.  Link to agenda is below.

Brailes PC Meeting Sat 24th Oct at 10am

Ext PC Meeting12thOCt2015

Agenda Sept28th15

Agenda August24th15

Agenda July27th15 B&WPC Housing Needs by WRCC letter

Agenda June29th15Agenda

EXTJune22nd15Agenda Parish Council Meeting and Annual Parish Meeting 26 May 2015 Agenda May26th Annual Meeting of Parish Councillors

Agenda April 27th15

Agenda March 30th15

Agenda Feb23rd15

Agenda Jan26th15

Agenda-Brook House Jan 2015

Agenda Extraordinary Public Meeting Jan15

Agenda Jan5th15Agenda Dec14

BRAILES PLANNING sub meeting 6.12.14

Agenda Nov14

Agenda Oct14

Agenda Sept14

Agenda Aug14

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