Brailes Footpath Group: “Safety v Sentiment” VOTE RESULTS

Thanks to all that voted!  With 54 votes we will be implementing Option 2, whilst also looking at ways of refurbishing the ironwork to make it safer.

Health & Safety is obviously a concern for us when looking at our parish footpaths, stiles & bridges so now that we’ve received comments about a potentially dangerous asset we’d like to open up a vote. Are you aware of the ‘iron bridge’ (see photo) on SS58a up on Gillet’s Hill? It was built by a blacksmith in the village from disused cartwheels in 1937 and was used in a private garden for over 60 years. In 1997 it was revived and re-homed to it’s present footpath location. It wasn’t built for it’s current location and actually doesn’t bridge anything, so could in theory be removed, taking away the somewhat wobbly, slippy hazard.

Before we do anything onsite we’d like your input, should we:
Option 1 – Leave it in place, it’s a piece of our history! As long as it’s safe, will continue to use.
Option 2 – Leave it in place but if there’s room add a gate as an option.
Option 3 – BREXIT! Remove the bridge, it’s an accident waiting to happen, a gate is more accessible to all anyway.

Please email you response to: